Hey everyone, just recently got the EMG 81/85 set and was in the process of putting them in when I realized just how tight the fit was for putting in the 9v battery needed to power the EMGs. I am installing them in an Ibanez S series guitar. How does one go about making more space for the battery? Thank you for your time!
Well, usually people look first to see if the battery will fit.

If your guitar has a trem, you can hide the battery back there.

Or go return the EMGs for some nice, friendly passives.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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I have seen this before. The trouble is how thin the S body is.

You can make it fit, but it will be an incredibly tight fit.

Just do it!
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just make um fit! if you can plz give us a pic of the guitar!

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