have you ever had to find a service center for a repair under the warranty period. I've

had my showmaster for a month now and it has a crack under one of the pegs

connecting the tremelo to the body and not all the frets are level (i get a horrible buzz

when i play the 10th fret on my e string since it hits the 12 th fret) do you think they

would jsut replace the guitar? i just want a new one so i can sell it on ebay or

call fender, thats bull crap that they would let something like that out of the factory. call fender!!
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well ive never had a problem with my strat, but under warrenty youll probly have to ship it off and theyll either replace it or fix it. if the wood is cracked theyll probly give u a new guitar.
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i bought a strat and a week later i noticed the neck was warping. i took it back to the shop and they sent it to fender. they replaced the neck free of charge.