pretty good... vox need some work

but it is hard to do anthony's vocals
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it would definately sound alot better if you had a better guitar
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the vocals need to be redone in some parts but overall they were decent. anthony doesnt have the greatest voice but he actually goes after it and puts his heart into the lyrics and makes it sound good thats what i admire about him. but listen this was a pretty decent cover i didnt like the effect u put on at about 3:30ish at the outro i think that needs a clean tone to it and not distorted and u play the verse diff than the actual song. i believe the dminor chord an octave higher makes the verse and u missed the added c note in that he hits at the verse which i always listen for when i hear that song. its a good job but not great and i was pleased to hear the bass in there too but i know u can do a better job. dont think i didnt like it im just giving u crit. speaking of rhcp i just started working on a song its sorta rhcpish if u wouldnt mind to check it out:

its called "that man" but its still a work in progress