Ok, I know all of the mode's all down the neck and all the shapes. I think I know how to use them. Only probablem is, I dont know how to start using them because of chords. I cant just play in A Lydian of a riff in A can I?? It depends on the chords? I always improvise in minor and I have no trouble with chords. If something is in A than I just play A minor and im good. Can I do the same for phryngian and the other modes?
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all that shit is chinese to me, i just play.
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here's the problem:

modes usually only really matter in modal music. chances are you're playing tonal music. so as long as you try to stay in key, and as long as it sounds good with the chord prog youre playing over, youll be okay. knowing your modes is a good thing, but youll see that you dont really use them all that much.

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