He was asking if he needed fingerpicks. I'm sure you get do it with your fingertips/nails, but I don't know anything about bluegrass or banjo, so I could be completely wrong.
You don't need fingerpicks. I can probably answer a lot of questions about the banjo for you. My dad has played since he was 12 so needless to say I've been exposed to the instrument.
well my pops doesnt play one... but i do.

and no you dont need fingerpicks.. ive been playin a 4-string banjo without them, but i recently took the 30 min drive to the local music shop and bought some. its a lil weird playing with them to be honest..

but its all in how you learn.. if you start playin banjo with fingerpicks youll think its weird to play without them, if you start without you think its wierd with.

id get them if i were you