I hate Jim Belushi, whenever he comes over all he wants to talk about is himself. "Jim Belushi this." and "Jim Belushi that." I also hate it how he refers to himself in the third person. Ass.
Jim Belushi wasn't in the Blues Brothers, you stupid sack of shit.

How the **** are you not banned yet, anyway? I've never seen a post by you that wasn't spam.
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^ wow i actually almost missed that hahaha iforgot your a genious

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the old one was great.

The new one sucked so much ass though. Probably THE worst movie I've ever seen.
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It ain't Jim, it's John Belushi and he's awesome in Blues Brothers and even more awesome in Animal House
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Jim Belushi wasn't in the Blues Brothers, you stupid sack of shit.

How the **** are you not banned yet, anyway? I've never seen a post by you that wasn't spam.

Lol, there are only a handfull of people on UG that can actually take a joke.
Ahhhh,my all time favorite movie.

I remmber how I used to watch it on daily basis.

The new one is not so good as the old one,but it still good,atleast it has Dan Akroid.

Sweet lady of plastic acceleration,dont fail me now!
ahhh that was a great movie. they crash like over 50 cop cars in that movie. one of my fav older movies.
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i used to watch that film all the time when i was younger.
its awsome. oh yeah and my dad named me after jake...
"Country AND Western" FTW!!!!

wow, movies just dun get much better den'dat!

i like both, second one had every blues legend....alive, it's the only move i know of that koko taylor was in, plus Dr. John and Bo did, man....i cant believe i dont own that piece of awesomeness
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best scene ever

awesome movie
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I always enjoyed the skits on Saturday Night Live before they decided to quit the show and tour, and then they did good and came out with the movie, then John had to die on us. He had a good blues voice to, unique. I love Belushi's rendition of Joe Coker's "A little help from my friends", one of my favorite SNL performances, even over some of the guest bands. He does it so well and with so much emotion.
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That wasn't Steve Cropper, that was Tom Arnold.

Steve Cropper was in it.