i really really like this guitar.

are breedloves reliable guitars?

how are the electronics?
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I have 2 Breedloves, an AC25/SM 6 string & an AC250/SM-12 12 string. I Love both. I've had the 6 string for a little over a year & use it on-stage ever since I bought it. It sounds extremely crisp acoustically & amplified. I just bought the 12 string 2 weeks ago & it sounds phenominal. It plays just as easy as a 6 string. The only thing I would change from the electronics point is the upgrade with an on-board tuner, especially on the 12. But, both stay in tune quite remarkably. They are definitely quality guitars. I have quite a collection of guitars, I suffer from "G.A.S." (Guitar Aquisition Syndrome) & the Breedloves are definitely my favorites. You can't go wrong buying one.
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I have the guitar and it's simply incredible, has the sound and look of a 2000+ guitar for only 1k. You honestly can't go wrong with a Breedlove.
My brother has that same guitar and it sounds amazing, and when its amplified it sounds even better. Hes never had a problem with it. Breedlove is the way to go

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I have the AD25/SR Plus. It is just amazing for the price. I spent maybe 2 months playing different guitars in the same price range and nothing really compares for the price. Like BreedLoved said, your getting a much better guitar for a much cheaper price.

EDIT: Although, for the same price at GC, mine came with a hardshell case rather than a gigbag. I'm not sure if the difference in model (mine being a dreadnought and yours being a concert style body) makes a difference in what case comes with it. Might want to mention that unless you prefer a bag. They could've been running a special at the time I bought mine though too. Can't remember sorry.
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i happen to own two of them, a AD25, and a custom shop CM, and although the Atlas are made outside of the country, the custom shop inspects every one before they go out.
I also have the priveledge of living in the same town in which they are built (Bend Or,) and if you were able to see the requirements they have before they ship them out, it is amazing. they throw away full bodies, if just a little glue gets somewhere where it isn't supposed to be. these people are Artists and strive on quality.
i also know some of the people that work there, including the owner, Kim Breedllove. if there are any problems, like i said before, they strive on quality, and customer satisfaction, so they fixed the guitar for free, and if it ever cracked or was injured, the Atlas has a 5 year warrenty, and will be replaced for free.
there is no way you can go wrong with a breedlove.