Well the head and cab would be 300w and the combo is 150w..

The halfstack version would be cheaper but you should definitly not buy that cab if you buy that head. The head is 300w and the cab is 100w you'd totally blow it. Get that head with a better cab

I never tried Ampeg, but I also play upright bass and I want something that will work good for upright and electric.
well IMO
musician's friend has some ampeg amps on there, some cheaper than that combo, all the way up to thousands, you should definitely consider them, i recommend you go to a guitar center or something and play a bunch and decide for yourself.

And I play electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and the Cello, so I know what your are looking for, partially it depends on what your are using to mic/pick on your bass, but I would say as long as you find an amp that does cleans really well, it should work great for your upright
Thanks for the advice. I didn't wanna say anything bad about ampeg but I assumed they were made for metal because they're worshipped on this site.
Flee from RHCP uses ampeg i think.... but i get what your saying they get that rep, but I'm sure they are used for a lot of other stuff.
If I was an avid bass player I would give you the low down, but I'm really a guitar player, but definitely no matter why you buy,
Try, before you buy.

If you order online and get it you might think it sounds good, but you might have found something better had you tried a bunch.
No, Flea uses Gallien-Krueger.
Yes, I should go try more amps.
I kinda rushed into my first bass amp because I was sick of playing through a keyboard amp. Now that I'm better I realized that my amp can only get like 2 good sounds.
um....why not get the 4x10 cab that mates to this head quite well....sonds very good