I've been promoting this crap like crazy, so I might as well bring it up here so all you great UGers can have yourselves a listen! By the way, there are 4 covers here... all 4 are on the same page. I know I'm only supposed to do 2 per week, but there's no way I could put these up individually. Sorry if that's a problem.
Anyway, if you're a Zelda fan, you'll love these. Here are the 4 covers that I have on my Myspace:
  • Zelda Overworld
  • Dungeon
  • Zelda 2
  • Zelda 3 Hyrule Castle

And here's the link to my Myspace page. Let me know what you think, fellow UGers and (hopefully) Zelda nerds?
im not much a fan but ive played the old zelda for 64 a couple times, the overworld song was sweet i thought when i was playing it....urs is niceeee good job.
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did you tab this yourself?

Some of it I figured out by ear, but a majority of it I found in sheet music on the web. I arranged all of it myself, though. And I recorded the whole thing myself... produced it and all that good stuff.
Thanks for the feedback.
You rule Seth. I've been dying to try and do this myself, but have been in vain. Your covers, however, rock!
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yeah man those are tight, i especially like the Zelda 3 song, sounds like metal zelda... which console did u record this stuff on, i got the Tascam DP/01FX, this sounds great though good job
Very nice, but it'd sound much better with an improved clean tone. Nice flanger effect on the dungeon theme.

I'm going to post a Zelda tune in a few days, look out for it.
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Id like the tab for that Zelda Two please. Sounds great btw.

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