I was wondering if anybody knew of any effects that could help produce that lofty, Joe Satriani / Eric Johnson sound. I've experimened with delay more and that helps, but it isnt quite right. Any specific effects or settings?

Its really just impossible to dupilicate someones sound. Find your own thing.
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Honestly, that's a lot to ask. Your answer isn't going to be found in a few pedals or settings.
Oh God, just help the poor man. Say "Hey, their tones tend to prioritize treblemid-range whatever with a small amount of delay, with this soundgate etc..."

Jesus. it doesn't need to be perfect, the guy isn't going to end up with a clean delayed tone when he wants to sound like Hammet, now would he? NO!
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He didn't even mention what he uses.

Why would he? He's asking for effects, not settings.
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I think.
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Why would he? He's asking for effects, not settings.

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Any specific effects or settings?

He said he tried a delay pedal, but I doubt that's all he's looking for.
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He said he tried a delay pedal, but I doubt that's all he's looking for.

Shit. You win.
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Haha... I think a lot of people wish there was an 'Eric Johnson in-a-box' pedal.

sign me up for one of those!
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if i'm not mistaken, satch has multiple delays with staggered delay times (i.e. one for shortish slapback, one for medium Edge-like delay, and one longish ambient delay) that he mixes in differently in his signal to give it that space. you could achieve a similar effect with any digital delay with a "multi head" simulation (boss dd-20, line 6 dl4) or, for about the same price, you could spring for 3 ibanez de7's, 3 arion sad-3's, 3 digitech digidelays, or something similar and stack them with different times.
When I was trying to find a sound suitable for Eric Johnson songs I found that the clean sound with lots of reverb worked fairly well, I tryed fiddling with my amps EQ but in the end I found that it was the reverb that was missing.
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Ok yeah look into a decent REverb and a dElay, usualy tape delay is the bestfor an organic feel, for a ver chimey, open sound look into a dgital delay, dealy (same letter dif words how fun!)

Any way also look at a bit of compression and some serious mid/high eq settings.
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