Hey there everyone, I just made this a few minutes ago and thought some criticism would be interesting. Please be nice.

Push comes to shove
Just as I'm damned by my own actions
I wonder what will happen
They'll all have different reactions

I can't think and I can't move
I hurt me knowing that I will
It feels like I will bleed
Without knowing the need

I start to see a different vision
No longer the same tradition
It scares me so
But how else will I know?

You see I am selfish
I deserve my pain
I leave them all standing there
Reflecting in the rain

I never meant to be,
This terrible burden
Because of the recent
Her heart is no longer lucent
to be honest.. for me it wasnt all that special.. but as you said its a song so maybe you can make it sound catchy
I liked it, man. The rhyme scheme was weird at first, but after I read it over, it sounded good. Good work, much better than I can do.
"We are not concerned with motive, with higher ethics. We are concerned only with cutting down crime-."