our band has been recording stuff on tape with my old video camera, is there anyway i can get that onto the computer, if i have to buy something is there something cheap i can buy? any help would be apprecaited
If you have the older 8MM tape type get one of these
I use that and it works great


edit with windows movie maker or Adobe Premiere if you know how to use that software and burn to Disk or save to computer and load online.
well, i don't know if they're cheap... but DVD burners (the ones that you attach to your TV like a VCR) work well, if you want to transfer stuff from VidCams to Disc. lovely invention.. then, it can go into your computer.
well i looked up the dvd recorder thing and its about the same price 60 bux as the other thing. so if i can use that one adaptor thing which should i choose