ok i was wonderign if im gettign a good deal or not this guy i no in my year has a gibson SG and some how the neck has cracked it in so he ois gettign a new 1 but he doesnt no much about guitars. but i offered him $50 for his gibson and he is like alright but 2 questions

can i change the neck on it and how much could i sell it for

and also if i cant sell it for that much could i put the pikups on my guitar

Epiphone SG 310

any advice would be appreactied

EDIT how much could i seell the pikups for hius guitar anyway
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im sure you could get anew neck for the guitar, but id have someone who works at a music shop fix it for you, since the neck is the trickiest part of the guitar to get right. im not sure if you could change the pickups, it depends on(i guess) how different the sizes are. i have a feeling though that it is possible. ask a guy at your local shop. hed know better than most here, i think.
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you can't change the neck but you can get it repaired but that's costy. as for the pickups yes you can take the pickups from the gibson and put them into your epiphone.

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you can't change the neck but you can get it repaired but that's costy. as for the pickups yes you can take the pickups from the gibson and put them into your epiphone.

Do you reakonm itd worth the $50 and hwo much would it cost to change the pikups aswell into my epphone beace im tryingt o save up for a new amp alsocould i sell the piksups for more anyway cause im trying to save yup for a new amp
Depending on what pickups are in the guitar it would probably be a bargain just to buy the guitar from him and replace the pickups in your guitar. Getting bodywork done on a guitar can be expensive. Plus, it is pretty hard to tell the difference between a Gibson with Gibson pickups, and an Epiphone with Gibson pickups, especially if you use distortion. Used pickups won't resell very well, so your better off just using them in your guitar because chances are they are better than the ones you have (assuming you're using stock pickups). As for actually putting the pickups in, you don't even have to spend any money doing that. Just find someone with a soldering iron and you can do it yourself in less than half an hour.
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id just buy it for the pickups, unless you can find someone who can fix the neck without costing you too much money
If the neck is a bolt-on then it's absolutely possible to change it, but if it's neck-thru then the best you can do is salvage the pups.
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Even if it's completly screwed up wood-wise, that guitar's worth at least $200 in the hardware, electronics, and pickups. Go for it!
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