Hi, I have an American Tele from the early 90s that has a custom middle pickup that was installed by the pervious owner. Even though a pretty nice looking hole was carefully cut in the existing pickguard to accommodate the new addition, I think I might replace it with a Nashville Tele pickguard (Anyone know where I can get one?) just to clean things up a bit.

Anyway, that should work out without much of a problem, so my real question is this: Can I take out the new pickup’s on/off switch that was installed between the tone and vol knobs and put in a 5-way, Strat style, pickup selector that would control all 3 pickups?

I haven’t done much research on this myself yet, so I apologize if the answer is obvious!

Thank for the help!
Yeah it wouldn't be hard at all. Just look at a wiring diagram for a Strat with a single volume single tone. I'm not sure if the spot where the switch in a tele is long enough, you may have to extended it.
Fender actually have a guitar that's a cross between a Tele and the Strat, you could check out a wiring schem for that.
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... I'm not sure if the spot where the switch in a tele is long enough, you may have to extended it.

shouldn't be a problem. (Fender) Strat and Tele switches are identical, except for the notch positions.

2 and 4 don't exist on a Tele switch, which BTW, was the original Strat switch!
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If you look under details, you can see that both switches have the same dimensions. If you look at the other blade style switches, you can see that the slot required for all of them are the same (1/16" x 1-1/16")
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