Does anyone know of any good Melodic / Ballad slow solo?
Example such as

Joe Satriani - Always with me always with you
Joe Satriani - Love Thing
Joe Satriani - Rubina
GnR - November Rain

I dont know... I like slow/melodic solos...
Let me know thanks!
The best solo of all time is very melodic and slow, though I would say it's in a ballad. And that would be Comfortably Numb of course.
A classic one for ya..."Fade To Black" by Metallica. I guess the first solo is kind of short, except for the almost-sweep-picking-part in it. The second one is totally not even a slow, melodic solo.

Meh...Never mind.
The SOngs might not fit perfectly, but...

Joe Satriani - Cryin', A Love Eternal, Home, You're My World, Until we Say Goodbye, Starry Night,

Steve Vai (might be a little too fast at some parts, but still very slow peaceful soulful ballad-like songs) - Frank, Boston Rain Melody, Tender Surrender, Christmas Time is Here

Eric Johnson (same as above, but not nearly as fast playing) - Manhattan (G3 version!),
Check out some Floyd stuff.
The outro solo in Comfortably Numb is amazing.

Also, GNR - Don't Cry, Knocking on Heavens Door, Poison - Every Rose has its Thorn.