alright. i have the mixer shown below. i usually use it to record just an acoustic guitar, and my voice. but sometimes i use it to record drums. i'd like to know how i'd record it in stereo. im using audacity right now, running the mixer from the L output into the microphone jack of my computer. how do i go about recording in stereo? I've tried runnin it out of the headphone jack, unsuccessfully. i thought that would work the same as headphones would, in stereo. would i need to buy any external hardware? am i missing something obvious? im confused. help?

I've got a mixer from the same series and you should be taking the L and R outputs from the 'Main out' and feeding them into the mic input on your soundcard using an adaptor that goes from two 1/4" mono jacks to one 1/8" stereo jack, you might have to buy two cables to do it though, eg, one of these:


and then a 1/4" stereo to 1/8" stereo coupler, there are several ways you could do it, and I'm pretty sure if you look around you will be able to get one cable that will do the job.