Feel free to post some of you're theories as well.

My Theory’s:
First off. Remember this for later. There are 10 dimensions. And if you don’t know what a dimension is, look it up on Wikipedia. There are ten dimensions, and to give you a brief example watch this video. http://www.tenthdimension.com/medialinks.php

The ten dimensions just lead up to infinity possibility’s of infinity possible things.

I’m 16 and quite dumb, as all of you have found out in some of my threads. But my curiosity gets me thinking. This is one of my theories on after life. In the afterlife I believe that we do not go to heaven or hell. I think from all my reading and all my thoughts, a reasonable theory would be, Heaven (nonexistent but waiting to be born) and Hell (nonexistent and never exist again).
My theory of the afterlife has some flaws, this being said I will try to make it graspable. When you die depending on whether you go to “Hell” or “Heaven” you just do not exist, like you’re sleeping in deep sleep. You’re spiritually conscious but not physically. Millions of people die every day but since Infinity is a never-ending loop, a hollow folded circle. You could by chance out of all the millions of people, be born from one of you’re relatives, since you will probably end up existing again, and again, eternal life as the Bible says, but this is where many theories could be made about my theory. When you exist again, what time period do you exist in? But you just not even ever exist after death. This is just a theory. And I forgot to mention this. My theory does explain how all of us are linked together as the Bible says, only somewhat though.
haha, the bible...haha...anyway, i dont see how this would make any sense unless you believe in reincarnation and heaven and hell of course, which are infinitely big, which is bigger than the universe, since no one can prove how big or small the universe really is...anyway, yea dimension can get pretty mind boggling
meh iunno it was just a theory. Just because i made it doesn't mean I believe it. Im open to alot of theories.
you base your philosophy around the bible, making it viable only those who believe in the bible and what it says. so while it may work for a christian, it will not work for a buddhist, muslim, hindu, etc. and since everyone, no matter what religious school they belong to, will someday die (and die alone), does this make christians the only ones privvy to "eternal life"? the facts are these: we are born knowing nothing, we hopefully learn something, then we die. outside the real of life, whether that is before life or after life, no one can have a clue of what is going on. that means every theory about after life is both valid and void, depending on your personal beliefs and level of optimism.

however, your theory goes along with another one which states something about a set number of souls. it says that before a person is born, a soul is imbued into a body. then the body and soul go on to live together until the body fails. the body then decays, but the soul keeps existing in a type of waiting list until it can be put into another body. this would also go along the buddhist views on reincarnation. however, since the world's population is rapidly growing, the number of souls being utilised at one time may be coming close to the number of total existent souls. what happens when they break even? who gives a shit?

the point im trying to make is this: you got enough time to ponder death when youre dead. right now you should probably be moving to toronto and working on getting laid, because lets face it, saskatoon is dull as a well-rounded river stone and you could die tomorrow morning walking to school. so live your day like its your last, be thankful when you go to sleep every night and just hope you can wake up for another day. cus shit happens man.

oh yeah, and if you read all of this, you pretty much wasted a couple minutes of your time. sorry.
i live my day to the fullest thats why i get like 5 hours max of sleep lol. Although im going to try lucid dreaming tonight cause it sounds sweet
Well, a persons personal philosophy is always gonna be based on certain things, demographics, religious upbringing (or lack there of), and education. A change in ones outlook on life can change from something traumatic or even the demise of society. Which when you think about it, we're set up sometimes from the beginning of having blind faith (which isn't actually in a religious context, but usually referred to as being religious) as in the easter bunny, Santa, Jesus, Buddha, and so on. But as I said when something traumatic or a lie occurs, it changes our outlooks on life.

As we grow up we slowly mold into someone who believes what they want to believe. Some break the mold or in some terms are brainwashed to an extent. Obviously there's going to be biases all around the world because when we're brought up there's the prejudice against other cultures because our culture wants to push it into our brains that we're the right form of culture.

Obviously due to communication advances throughout the years, many people now have the resources to discover what other cultures, religions, and philosophies are about and the advances in sciences. Even now though we're still going to get the biases because that's human nature. But another part of human nature is curiosity and wanting to learn new knowledge, though the knowledge we learn today would have been somewhat useless 100 years ago. (that's not saying some things wouldn't have been usefull, just that we do have a lot of worthless stuff around these days.)

That's pretty much my philosophy for the night. I need to get to bed. But I try to keep everything as unbiased as possible. I'm actually a Christian and don't waiver in my personal beliefs(ok, I sin, but my beliefs still hold true). I'm just very understanding of other religions and cultures. Which understanding where other people come from helps to discern the differences and the same qualities of different philosophies.
I believe "God" as people understand him.. can only logically exist in one form. And that form is gravity.

Think about it.

If you can come to terms with the ^above idea^ you are one step closer to unlocking the key to the safe holding the map to the key to the lock on the door to the answer to the meaning of life