Hey all, I was in a band about 10 years ago, I played bass, I put it down and havent played since. I just got a new Jackson JS30 Dinky the other day, and was wondering what is easy to play so I can get back into playing again? I have a bass I got back in Oct, but I dont have the love for it like I use to. I would realy like to learn to play rythem. I know my basic power cords and stuff, but I want something that will help me with my fingers, and all that. Plus my 7 yr old wants to learn to play too, so I need a few songs that will be easy for him too. Thanks all.
Hmmm.... Led Zeppelin's always great.

It just sounds soooo good and most of it's pretty easy.
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As twist said, ACDC and Dylan, i highly recommend Knockin on heavens doors by him.
Also Back in black by ACDC
Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream (Excluding the solo)
Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones (Great riff and chords, great beginners song)
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well the advice that I would give is to try to learn the songs that you picked up the guitar to play in the first place. Why play songs if you don't like them?

+1 to Pepsi.

I got my first guitar (at 30 years old) last week. I can't wait to get home at night to work on "Seasons in the Abyss" I love Slayer (and heavy stuff in general) and that really fuels my practice and thirst for learning more. It's always great to reproduce something you like, in my opinion you get more satisfaction from it.

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