Something I wrote Awhile back ago, I went over it again and made some changes. Check it out and tell me what you think. When I was writing it I was thinking about how a person would feel being buried alive under tons of dead bodies....Ha I dunno check it out

This body breathes, but only death seeps from it's lungs. Decrepit mendings, and the end of it's malevolent life.The only future it see is the one it destroyed with the past it made.It lays there in it's casket made of bones and flesh. With it's bleeding broken nails on blood splattered walls, It whispers it's last prayer to deaf ears through broken teeth.The thought of being freed is chased away by scattered ashes of contamination. Now all is left to drown in a pool of blood, waiting for the ropes around it's hands and the thread around it's mouth to be severed.This Nightmare only ends through death.Buried beneath a world that is filled with broken bodies and ravished souls, now
It ends it's alleged existance, and scratches at it's once beating heart.
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Beneath The Bleeding (song)
See: Every Other Generic Dark Metal Song.


It'd actually be really good (it betrays a surprising amount of talent) if it wasn't so saturated with cliches. Try writing about something different - something you know.