My dads friend gave these to me this weekend because he got new ones and im wondering if I can run my guitar and bass through their amps and into these? Me and my friends are seriously lacking volume and I think these could solve our problems.I have 2...one on each side of the room and they are 100 watts apeice.They sound REALLY good...one of those lucky deals I supose.

Any way I can use them how I want?
you'll need ur (guitar) amp to be able to connect to a seperate amp into the speakers...unless you can somehow link the amp directly to the speakers using the right cable... this could very cumbersome and potentially dangerous to all your amps and speakers. best advice...you want more power...buy a powerful amp.

dont mess with electrical stuff unless you know EXACTLY what you're doing. experience says so im afraid

if they sound that good dont **** with em
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I would think that they'd need their own amplifier in addition to your guitar/bass amp, but I could be wrong.

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Yeah,Im sure it can be done...but im thinking im going to need compressors for both instruments to cut down spikes and clipping and all that.Does a mixer have house speaker outs?