i am going to buy some new pickups for my iceman, and i was thinking, would an EMG 81 on the bridge and a DiMarzio D Activator (neck) DP219 or Air Norton DP193 on the neck sound good?

please tell me what you think that would be like, and also some other suggestions

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Air norton would be way to bassy and dense in mahogany, if you want EMG's then go all active, it's too much mucking around balancing volumes if you mix actives and passives. Depends on what sound you're looking for, and what amp you've got. If you're amps not that great you're better off putting the money towards a new amp, if you're sorted in the amp dept then it all comes down to sound...modern metal maybe a D-Sonic/Breed pair, older metal/rock pair of Breeds etc. A pair of D-Activators is worth looking at, although nobody's ever heard them yet!
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