so after a lazy three day weekend, my sleep schedule is totally fucked. to correct it, i'm staying up all night so i can sleep more tomorrow night (or tonight, i guess it is now). thing is, school's going to be absolutely dreadful on zero sleep. is there anything i can take that'll keep me awake? just like household stuff. i don't have any caffeine pills, which sucks. any ideas?
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i find that with all nighters, around 8 you really wake up like hyper...but around 10ish youre gunna get real tired. try coca-cola and try to eat a big breakfast to give you more energy, thats why it helps with the SAT's and crap, keeps you energized. im sure youre really hungry right now if you havnt eaten yet. i stay up all night almost every night. i need to change that.
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lol thanks man, i'll throw in some waffles and chocolate milk and stock up on coke. anything else guys?
I will fuc
i did an all nighter last nite...so i can have a decent sleep tonight for school tomorrow.
coffee helps...and eating food.
Red Bull or whatever energy drink you have their helps I find.
Yeah once you stay up past a certain point you go like hyper but it wears off.

I know a guy who used to stay up and watch the sun set and rise and then go to bed because he liked it but he reckoned waking up was too hard.
u do know that the next days sleepyness depends on the night u had 2nights ago.

so say u have an exam on wed, make sure u get good sleep on monday night.
DO NOT have a bath! But jump in the shower when you feel sleepy, and turn the hot water right down.

if you are really falling asleep, bite the very tip of your tongue. or any small pain, it really diverts our attention.

listen to fast music - its medically proven to elevate your heart rate, which makes it hard to sleep.

avoid too much coffee/tea. when you crash after too much caffeine, you'll be more tired. same with sugar.

eat fruit, NO CARBS, they are stodgy and make you sleepy.

Go for a walk - if you are nowhere near your bed/sofa its hard to fall asleep.

I used to regularly work 20+ hours so these tips are all from hard experience, especially from driving home 50 miles after a long night shift.
I've pulled an all nighter tonight for some strange reason. But usually a good thing for that is a nice cup of coffee before you go somewhere, gives ya the jolt to keep moving. If you make it past noon, that's damn good. But you want to try to get to sleep at the earliest, 7, cuz otherwise it turns into a nap and you wake up even earlier, which turns into another screwed up night. But yeah, I prefer coffee, lots of sugar stuff.
Forcibly pulling an all-nighter due to procrastination...
This fu/cking sucks.
I have FCATS today and I haven't gotten any sleep at all..Ay.

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wow, we're all in the same boat? let's check in at 6:30 tonight and see if we're all still alive, shall we?
I will fuc
Haha, I'll probably be on here at 6:30, but that will definately be after a nap at sometime during the day. Wish I could be a trooper like you fellows, but I will choose sleep first.
I'll check back around 6:30, sure.
I'll try not to sleep though...
I think I'm going to go run to the store and get some Red Bulls or something...I hate the taste but I think I'll need them, ugh.

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stayed up all night just now and for some reason doing homework didnt get me tired...

infact im hyper has hell right now and am up for some white hot chocolate from DD followed by some TV and then its off to a short class for the day.
tbh, speaking from mucho experience, the best way to recover your sleep pattern is not to stay awake all night and spend the next day feeling like shit, but to stay awake til maybe three hours before you need to get up, grab three hours sleep, drink plenty of juice, tea and eat a good breakfast to keep you going, then go to bed as usual at night.
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