Yeah first song in a long while, it's only short and it's still sort of in progress, i'm not interested in whether its in key or not, that will all be changed anyway for when I do a final longer version.

Crit for Crit as always.

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hey thx 4 the crit dude, so first of all i liked very much the acoustic guitar, the lead is good but could be better cuz it sounded a lil bit random, u should work ur voice cuz it was a lil bit shaky at times, the song sounded too likea an acoustic nu-metal for me, but overall was good, the song has potential..exploit it!
o crap i totally forgot you were dan. right...i think the lead is a bit too loud in the mix but it suites it though with the echoes and all. i think some sort of beat would do well in it, not necessarily drums, maybe coming in after the intro holding off the vocals for a while? it's a good start though.
sounds like its starting off well
i think it would be better off without the echo in the lead but i really liked the riff added on with the picking
your voice sounded decent but in some parts u do go off which u are probably aware of already
would like to listen to the final version good work
The rhythm is great, but the lead is a little weird, but the last note sounds great. You should use a pop filter on your mic, because there is a little popping. Your voice doesn't really get off that much, though. I thought it was a cool song. I also didn't really like the echo, but the singing and rhythm were great. Try either working out another lead or just putting that one more in the background. It might sound great and add a little ambience to the song. Good job, though. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
Yeah, I like the lead at first but its annoying while you are singing because it seems to take away too much from the vocals. i think it would sound good if it was a lot quieter. ah and you have the pop problem. by that i mean when you're singing and pronouncing words that start with a b or p or w you get a loud noise somtimes. hopefully in your final version you will redo the vocals so it doesn't make any noise. i really like the rhythm guitar. and the vocals sound surprisingly good.

crit mine? it is unfinished as well.
Thanks for the comments, I'll remove the echo and maybe add a bridge and another verse.

Gunsnroses89 and an0nyMouSanle i'll have to crit yours when I get back from school.

Again, thanks.
.Brand New.Bright Eyes.This Will Destroy You.

THe chord progression's pretty cool. The leads are alright but too loud. You have a cool voice but it does go out of key. Work on it a bit more. Pretty cool.
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