Whenever I write my lyrics and music to go along with it, i often wonder what is the best way to match the singing with the music. How to make it just right so that it flows along nicely with the tune.

i guess matching notes from the music with notes from the song...harmonizing? or something like that. can anyone shed some light on the subject for me? thank you
What? Just sing.
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^ yeah im kinda with this guy. singing seems natural to me. first things first just feel the song, relate to it y'know? how does it make you feel? then the most important part.... for a LARGE majority of the song you shouldn't just be matching the root notes of the song, it's ok to say hit a G when the G chord is being played, just don't keep it there, move it up through the scale or arpeggiate the notes of a G major, things like that to keep a dynamic. listen and pay attention to what some famous vocalists do. i LOVE madonna, just cuz she can sing like mad and she never does the same thing twice.