Hi everyone!

I want to buy a bass pack to start playing bass, can you tell me if this one is good for that? i usualy play metal...

Thanks for the help!
I would imagine its pretty good for a starter pack. It looks better than ones ive seen previously (but obviously looks dont count too much).
The sound would be "adequate" for a beginner anyway. The bass looks nice and chunky too, for your metal playing

Overall though, its up to you. I know id buy it if i was just starting out.
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I've tried harley benton stuff and it's not brilliant. As a starter pack it's OK but I would say look at something else like a Squier, Yamaha or Ibanez
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I would say get an Ibanez starter pack instead, I've heard good things about them.
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But don't buy harley benton they suck....
they are like the copy cats... (dunno how to say it).
they make poor versions of good basses.
^They are clones you mean.

I say get a Silvertone Bass Set! It is extremely decent for a good price! I still have the set! The Amp and the Bass! (I changed the pickup though..)
Though if you can go a bit more spendy get an Ibanez or a fender starter kit! Far higher quality!
I agree with Dinky. I have one of those Ibanez starter packs and it kicks ass. It may not seen like much, but someone with a high end Warlock bass would rather play the bass in my pack than his.

BTW, if you havent started playing, how do you know what you like playing?

EDIT: Its not my main set up anymore, but it got me to the skill that I posess today.
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