Hey all,

I'm looking for my first electric guitar. My choice would be the El Toro guitar pack (with amp and bag) at Steve's music shop in Montreal here http://www.stevesmusic.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=765. What do all of you pro's think about it? Do you happen to have better ideas? I'm restricted to 300 canadian $ here so nothing too fancy please.

Thanks all!
Its hard to tell anything from that one paragraph and tiny pic... It seem's ok though... Try maybe getting an ibanez starter pack thingy. From what I heard, those are supposed to be pretty good.

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That looks just like the standard Behringer starter pack that they sell in america as well.

Those things are seriously sketchy and poor quality (and I'm not being elitist, my friend has one and it's almost unplayable), I would save up some more money if I were you.
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Well alot of people don't like behringer, but screw what alot of people say, it's about you and how you feel. Go to the store and pick one up... if it feels right in your hands and it doesnt feel sloppy, then thats what you want. I personally got a behringer as my first guitar and absolutely love it. It took a LITTLE bit of setting up but overall, was a GREAT starter guitar, and I still use it now that I am an active gigging musician, it gets some great tone... now I may have just gotten lucky, so try it out for yourself, it doesnt matter what anyone says except for you...
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Well I just started playing a month ago so I dont really want something real good because I would be getting another in a year or so. It's just that since I LOVE to play, I'd want a guit at home so that in a year or so, if I still like to play (no doubts!), I could go see my parents and be, like, ''Hey mom, dad, I really love to play and I have a poor instrument right now which doesnt sound too good, could you help me with buying another?''
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You can get a better starter pack from one of the more reputable companies. I know people that have quit playing because they believe it's too hard to learn, but their playing on a guitar that hinders their learning more than helping it.

I recommend going to a music shop, listen to non-employees play, and ask one of them to play something on a starter guitar. They'll tell you (mostly un-biased) if the guitar you're looking at is a nice starter guitar. the reason I say non-employee is that it's difficult to get an honest answer out of someone who has a vested interest in the sale rather than your learning. (no offense to all you music equipment sales people)
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