I should state (since this is a guitar forum) that it's not very guitar oriented. Rather end-product oriented. The way it ends is kinda rough edged, i know, and i have planned a smoother one which is hard to do in Guitar Pro so we'll see that one in the future.

PS. It might or might not work in GP5. At least on my PC it didn't.
i actually think its pretty cool. lol

cool good job
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I... don't understand it, but for some odd reason, I like it. It has a very unique sound and I really enjoyed the break section. I also thought the solo did really good of lifting the song up without being simply pretentious or having that "look at me!" feeling to it.

I really disliked the insane time signature changes... and try to depart from repeating the same bass line so much, it gets old rather fast.

The drums filled in and did their job quite well, and the guitar was spot on, melodically speaking.

Great job man.