I am really getting into blues and jazz so I really want to get a hollow body guitar. The guitar that I really want the most is a Gibson ES-335. However, it is way out of my price range. I am planning on spending up to $500 (maybe more, maybe less w/e). I am strongly considering something from the Ibanez Artcore series. I am most interested in the Ibanez Artcore AFS75T. First off, what is your opinions on this guitar. Secondly, what other guitars should I look at?

Also, In case you are interested, these are just a few of the artists I listen to (in no particular order):

· The Beatles
· Jimi Hendrix
· ZZ Top
· Pink Floyd
· The Doors
· Black Sabbath
· Led Zeppelin
· Ozzy Osbourne
· Alice Cooper
· Eric Clapton
· Cream
· The Ramones
· The Sex Pistols
· Alcatrazz
· Yngwie Malmsteen
· Motorhead
· Bob Dylan
· Blue Oyster Cult
· Creedence Clearwater Revival
· Jefferson Airplane
· Jethro Tull
· Judas Priest
· John Lennon
· Kiss
· Van Halen
· The Vines
· The White Stripes
· The Who
· Muddy Waters
· Chuck Berry
· Black Label Society
· Queen
· Aerosmith
· Deep Purple
· Pantera
· The Rolling Stones
· Guns N’ Roses
· The Yardbirds
· The Animals
· The Monkeys
· The Kinks
· Janis Joplin
· Creed
· Steppenwolf
· B.B. King
· Syd Barrett
· The Jimi Hendrix Experience
· Band Of Gypsies (Jimi Hendrix)
· Robert Plant
· Jimmy Page
· Jim Morrison
· Robert Johnson
· Art Tatum
· Fats Waller
· Foghat
· Metallica
· Randy Rhoads
· Zakk Wylde
· Quiet Riot
· Ted Nugent
· Elvis Presley
· The Mammas And The Papas
· Miles Davis
· Chick Corea
· The Beach Boys
· Billy Idol
· Bob Marley
· Bon Jovi
· Cinderella
· Buffalo Springfield
· Bo Diddley
· Bruce Springsteen
· David Peel
· Elvis Costello
· Electric Light Orchestra
· Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
· Fleetwood Mac
· Iron Maiden
· Soft Machine
· Stevie Ray Vaughan
· Yes
· Moody Blues
· The Decemberists
· Ronnie James Dio
· Dio
· Cheap Trick
· Boston
· Thelonious Monk
· John Coltrane
· Duke Ellington
· George Gerschwin
· Art Blakey
· Count Basie
· Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers
· Peter Tosh
· Bunny Wailer

P.S.-look at my sig for a list of my gear.

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-Fender 70s Reissue 60th anniversary Stratocaster
-Line 6 Flextone III
-Crate RFX30 RetroFex
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-(other stuff)
look at Ibanez Artcores, therea great value for the money, i have the AFS75 and i love it.

also this is the wrong forum, take it the the Electric guitar forum.
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Get an artcore. No need to list every band you've ever listened to! It's pretty good stuff though.
Ummmm well this is just an opinion but....I would save up and buy a gibson 333...they look cooler and cost less. Don't let anyone tell you that an epiphone is the same thing either...there is a BIG difference between the gibson hollow and the epi.
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