Hey i have an Ibanez Prestige 2550E and i was planing on buying another guitar for mainly stage use.

The guitar must be an OK price, Look cool as hell, Sound great aswell.

Please suggest which guitar and also y that guitar.

Im into bands like Metallica, Megadeth (Dave Mustaine my favorite ), Trvium , Bullet For My Valentine

Hmmm. I'd say look into the Jackson Rhoad's V's. They look cool as hell and Bullet, Trivium and Megadeth have used them/still use them.
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try jackson king v, king kelly or an esp V. Megadeth have used them all, trivium used to use the king V and bullet used king Vs and now used ESP Laiho Vs
Maybe an RG1570? Same looks, but you'll need a pup change.
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I hate V-shaped guitars. I think they are ugly. Instead, I recommend a superstrat style guitar for stage use. Get the lightest one you can that still has decent sustain. Something neck-thru with a basswood body.
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If you're getting a backup guitar, get a hard-tail. If you break a string on the RG and have to switch you don't want to be out of comission if you break a string on yor backup. If you want something that looks cool as hell get an Ibanez IC400.
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White Pearloid Agile Les Paul

Cheap, sexy looking, and plays pretty decently (especially for the price).

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