So, as i was doing my research for my new amp I thought the Marshall DSL401 was the only good option in my price range.
But then i came across this: http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/72274
The New Peavey JSX Mini Collosal. Now the specs for this do look good, but £449 is a lot of money for a 5 watt amp.
So I'd just like peoples opinions on it, is it worth the money?
And just general amp info, How loud is 5 watt tube? Will it be enough to hear over drums?
Over drums? No, not even close, even if it is tube. Buy a mic if you have some extra cash, and an existing PA at hand.
Would probably cut it for lighter styles like jazz or country. But for any heavy rock, you will be swallowed alive in the band mix. It seems to be geared more towards recording. Get the DSL.
i wouldn't say it's a lot of money for a 5 watter, a cornford carrerra is £1000. I would say that it's a lot of money for an amp that's liable to go for half that in the states, though (i haven't tried it, though).

what do you need it for?
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