Well Ive been playing for like 1 month. I can do all the open chords I know some scales. Working on memorizing the fretboard. Ive been trying to learn on my own from this site and others. But I want every minute I put into guitar working on getting better lately I feel like im in a slope. I don't see alot of progress. Anyway my question is whats a good way to fit a good hour and half to practicing efficently?
Like what should I be focusing on when I pick up my instrument?
all the open chords? including 7ths, 9ths and diminished chords? if not, i'd say learn those. you might also wanna learn the formulas for the chords and scales too. im not sure about learning the whole fretboard, i have an idea on where the notes are one the neck, but not the entire fretboard. you might also wanna practise slides, hammerons and pulloffs, trills, tremolo picking and other general stuff. hope this helps.

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Man, the best thing I can tell you is:

SPEND a lot of time PRACTISING. Not PLAYING. There's a huge difference.

You should really aim at something particular when practising. Like developing your pinky, learning scales, changing chords. It should be something machine-like. Do that for an hour.

Just, you know, chromatic scales, the "1-4, 1-4, 4-1, 4-1" kind of thing for the pinky, barre chords...

You should feel really uncomfortable! I mean it! You will want to say, "****!!! I can't do this anymore!". Then do that for 10 more minutes and stop. THEN you'll get a result. I know it sounds like hell, but that's the difference.

Practising is a difficult thing. It shouldn't be fun. It should be a test for your body (well, hands, brain...).

ONLY after that you play. Just enjoy yourself. Just **** around. Whatever you want.
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everyone's gonna have different opinions on what to say here, but when i 1st started out and i learned the basics I practiced by learning songs. Pick somethin challenging. maybe just out of your reach, and keep playing it til you can play it well.

i don't think 'memorizing the fret board' is a particularly useful use of your time. I prefer to think of the notes as a repeating string of notes that starts at a different point on each string. Know that string of notes, be able to find any note on any string at any octave.

Also, I think guitarists learn alot by just messing around. You'll learn what sounds good and what doesn't. I don't believe in strict regiment when it comes to learning guitar, better to develop your own style and play it well than mimic someone elses, and playing it badly.
Learning guitar is a sloow process. Plan on a year to 2 to become proficient.
don't worry, that's a lot that you've got after 1 month, i've been playing for two years now and still learning on scales. but, yeah learning guitar is very slow process.

an hour and a half is quite a long time to practice actually, it's better that you practice more often rather than longer. IMO, half an hour should be sufficient IF you play everday.

right now, to keep it fun, and so that it won't go so boring until you wanna drop guitar, learn by playing some new songs, songs that you heard, but with chords that you've never seen before, try those, will be a good way to learn chords.