Hi ive decided to set one hour after school to strict technique practice and scales and stuff, because although i play as much as i can every day usually 1-2 hours i dont feel im progressin much. My first question would be like what should i exactly practice to imrove my picking hand, i think atm my fingers are faster than my picking hand also id like to be able to downstroke faster.

And what advice can u give me on practice schedules how to set one up and maybe links to exercices or whatever. I tried searching for picking hand technique but there were too many results and i didnt find anything.. thx.
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i think atm my fingers are faster than my picking hand.

i cant move my fingers as fast as i can tremolo pick.
Yeah ok my tremolo picking is faster but u know what i mean...could u like...also give some suggestions?
I can speak German. Ha.
i think its good you want to downstroke faster, thats all that matters so stop worrying about "pickin" and just get good at downstrokes, how? Play a power chord by bringing the pick down onto the strings, lift the pick off the strings and bring it back up again with out touching the strings so you can throw it back down on the strings, keep doing this slowly at first, maybe play an E chord, and after that sounds right play a D chord and play faster and countinue changing chords and playing faster but just concentrate on the downstrumming please.

and tremelo picking is retarded unless you want to play cheese metal and wear cut off jeans. I think bands like nofx and hawthorne hieghts and thursday are awesome, if you can show me an example of a good punk rock band that tremelo picks I would hate punk rock music forever and buy the same set-up you have to copy your teqniques in hair spray butt rock.
^greenday fan?

dont listen, practice alternate picking.
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tremelo picking is not good because it teaches you to pick fast the wrong way. With practice, you can et proper picking (from the wrist) up to that speed.
Yeah uh thanks...i just wanted exercises to pick down faster and to overall improve my picking.. like for example im having trouble with the speed of the master of puppets spider riff.. not because my fingers arnt fast enough but my picking hand cant downstroke that fast.. so should i do that powerchord thing? i thought like s singel string exercise...
I can speak German. Ha.
use a metronome. And i guess discipline yourself with downsroke excercise, because that master of puppets is all fast downstrokes.
Behringerv-tone(first guitar)
Epiphone les paul standard plus (cherry burst)
Flanger Pearl peddle
Marshall G15R CD
Dunlop 535Q wah

I like Epi LP's. You got a problem, PM me!
yeah but can u give me an example of a downstroke exercise? duh... and what should i build in in my one hour schedule..
I can speak German. Ha.
Try learning some songs as excersises

downpicking: Master of Puppets (Metallica)
Fast alt/trem picking: Terror Train (Demons and Wizards)
TEEP!!! Oiiiiiiieeeeeeeyyy!!!!!!
wtf is tremlo picking cuase i come fromt he accoustic and classical guitar world. so most of the metal bands don't use up strokes???? i cna't even keep up using up and down hahahaha dang i suck
what he means is rapidly alternate picking the same string... tremolo in the classical world is done with ur fingers. check out Recuerdos de la Alhambra (francisco tarrega) for some cool classical tremolo..

And still nothing on practice schedules and downstroke exercises?
I can speak German. Ha.
i learnt this way.
learn to get your downpick pretty fast and then your overall alt. picking will be faster.
yeah but how???? god lol..
I can speak German. Ha.
jaysus. if its down picking you want to improve, set up a tape recorder and start downpicking for a set period of time as hard and fast as you can go, when you start to feel a cramp or build up of lactic acid, push yourself to play through the pain. do this every day for a week or so and compare the tapes. you will be surprised at the difference.... you will find you can play faster for longer without meeting the "pain point" - its the very same as exercising for running, cycling etc. you are just tuning up your "rock" muscles! when i dont have a gig coming for a while up i dont really tend to play the type of music we play live, this has often resulted in scorn when practicing with bandmates as my right arm starts flapping desperately about halfway through master of puppets or creeping death!!!
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Yeah, deffinatly learn Master of Puppets. Especially the spider riff will give you something to practise.