hey everyone, ive got a few questions. basicly, next week (spring break) i will be starting work on a strat ive been buying some parts for. ive got a body made from what looks to be a good wood and is the color i want. then i ordered the pickguard i want as well. the body comes fully loaded with pickups, bridge, knobs, etc. now i would assume that most of that isnt of the greatest quality, so it will be replaced eventually. i am also going to need a new neck at some point, but plan on using the neck off my squire for now. on to the questions.

1) is there a good guide to setting up a guitar that would be easy to follow? ive taken a guitar apart before, but never taken a neck off. i can do intonation and stuff, but i would assume i would have to do more when i put the neck on a new guitar for the first time.

2) over the summer i plan on replacing the bridge and pickups. it currently has a 6 point vintage style strat bridge, so what would be a good replacement for it? preferably not too expensive, but i dont mind paying for something that is going to be great.

3) new pickups are going on this guitar over the summer. i usually stay with a more clean or mild overdriven sound, so im not looking for anything high gain. i would like to stick with the 3 single coil configuration, but im open to the idea of a bridge 'bucker. i prefer a more vintage warm tone. i really like frusciante's tone and gilmore's tone in strats, but im not really about copying anything exactly. i know almsot nothing about different brands for pickups or whatnot, so assume you are talking to a pickup noob. i would like a couple different options price wise, cause im not sure how much ill be able to spend over the summer. so if people have suggestions for medium priced pickups ($150 or so) and then some really nice ones i would be able to see what i can afford later.

4) a new neck. as it is a crime to have a neckless guitar for any long period of time, the new guitar will get a nice new neck eventually. unfortunatly i dont know too much about necks. i do know i like rosewood fretboards better than maple, so that is at least decided. the neck will be off of e-bay most likely, but id like to know if there is anything i should look out for. any info on what to look for/avoid would be much appreciated. ill top the neck off with some nice locking tuners and should have myself a pretty nice guitar.

ill probably put up some pics of the guitar next week as i work on it, but for now any advice/help on any of my inquiries is greatly appreciated