I just bought a Microcube and i'm very happy with it. The only issue is the tiny speaker that doesn't bring out the best of tone. I plug my microcube by the line out through a Crate Gx10 (10watt amp with 6 1/2" speaker) and it sounded so much better, especially with the R-fier setting, more warmth and body. What's the difference if i change the speaker of the microcube?, lets say, the one of Crate amp. (I think it will fit). Thanks in advance.
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u need to make sure it's the right size and ohms first.

i think maybe the crate will big too big. measure across the face of the amp.
if itll fit then look to make sure the ohms match.

if so swap it out. but ur basically getting the idea of how it will sound just by chaining them.
(always chain from smallest to largest wattage) just a heads up.

if u want u can also check out weber. they have some nice smaller sized speakers, not really expensive at all.

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