This probally sucks but let me know what you think its more of a poem.

Always From the Ground
I don’t always understand
I don’t always say it right
I don’t always end an argument
Without getting in a fight
I don’t always say I’m sorry
Without any ifs ands or buts
But I’ll always suck it up
And listen even if it’s rough
And I’ll always say I love you
Even when I’m mad
And I’ll write a stupid poem
Just to see you happy and not sad
The only thing I want you to say
Is that it wont be a chore
For you to do all of this
All of this and more
I’m sorry for stupid fights
I’m sorry if I get us like this
But I’ll always try very hard
To make a difference
If you get really angry
I’ll buy a dozen or two
Just so you can see
That I really love you
Now you say where he has gone
I’m sorry you can’t see he’s been here everyday
Kissing you on your forehead
Before we play
I hate it when you’re mad
And won’t talk to me
All I want to do is fix it
And both of us be happy
I will always love you
I will always do my best
I will always listen
When put to the test
The only thing I want from you
Is for you to forgive me
And for you to say
That you love me unconditionally
The flowers are to calm you down
The poem is to bring you around
To say that I’ll always
Do something to pick us up from the ground