I am currently learning to play the bass tab for Bullet In The Head - Rage Against The Machine but i'm stuck on playing the chord in the verse part. Here it is below:

I was wondering if anyone could help me by teliing me how to play it!

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You just fret it in the positions as shown and pluck both strings at the same time. I normally play this using a sort of claw action with my thumb and middle finger
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What problem are you having with it?
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its just that I have never come across a chord before, as i play bass, and was just not understanding what to do.
Technically, it's not a chord, just a doublestop...chords have 3 or more notes. Either way, I just use my index and middle fingers at the same time to pluck each string together. I think that it gives it a stronger feeling then strumming it, but that's just my opinion.
If your playing with your fingers, then i find it's easiest to play the way tim does. holdin the 6th and 7th frets as indicated in the tab with your index and middle fingers, and playing the 7s and open E with your thumb. This means you get the nuce harmony of the 6 and 7 without any hasstle, ans aldo makes the fills easyer too.

However, if it's with a pick, it's just as it says, pairs of 7s on A, open E and then the 6 and 7 on D and G at the same time.
Sorry To ask but does anyone have the full tab and order as I have the intro nothing else. So could anyone please provideit , it would be much apreciated!
finger 2 in the 7s finger1 on the 6 and then drop the 2º finger to 7 again
hope this helps
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Technically, it's not a chord, just a doublestop


besides, its not really that hard!
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No I have that version (thanks anyway) but i need to know how many times each riff needs playing?
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No I have that version (thanks anyway) but i need to know how many times each riff needs playing?

Just listen to the song. The bass is very loud in RATM's music, you shouldn't have any trouble figuring it out yourself.
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