Basicaly starting a project looking into Unusual things. Such as things out of place etc.

My main inspiration that comes to mind are some videos i remember from when iwas alot younger, but icant remember then names to find them online im hoping one of you can help me out.

I think one of them is called "The Sandman" its a really grotesque animation about this guy creeping up on these children, and i think he ends up removing the childrens eyes and then feeding them to his little birds he has in a nest or something along these lines... Sorry my memory is a bit hazy.

Right the other video im going to be even worse at describing. The most i can remember of it is it being filmed in a very dark manor, again its an animation. One of the scenes shows these rusty nails unscrewing and rolling around to make something.. and theres these baby dolls that have been cut up, melted have eyes missing, and im sure they are attached to metallic arms or something.

Right i know im asking alot lol, but any help would be much appreciated. If anyone knows the videos im on about thanks! Also if you know of any other videos along the lines of what im describing. It would be great.