Depends what for. I use 10-52s on a short scale.
Other than that regular 10s/11s.

Ernie Ball Slinky's (the pink ones) are .10 i think

Thats what I use
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I also use Ernie Ball Slinky's (and yes it's the pink one )
I think they are pretty good!
depends on music but i have 9's on my strat, 10'a on my LP and 11's on my cruiser guitar

EDIT: oh yeah, ernie ball FTW
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Ernie Ball. Or anything not D'Addario. I find they break far too easily. Especially if you're going to be bending a lot, like I imagine a metal player might.
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For metal, I use D'Addario 11s, cos they still sound good even if you down tune a lot.