so recently ive been starting to think about college (seeing as im a junior i have to), and im looking at my gpa and looking at schools that i am/ would be interested in, and im having a hard time finding a college that might fit. my problem is that freshman year i messed up pretty bad, and sence then ive been tring to get my gpa up and working hard. my overall gpa is like a 3.05 but this quarter im going to get around a 3.7 or 3.8 (if i did the math right), and my question is for those of you who have already applied to college and got in or got denied from some schools, do they tend to look at how you did towards the end to see what kind of student you are now, or do they look at your overall gpa?

outside of that what has been your experience at the university you go to? any sugestions on colleges to ignore for one reason or another?

your GPA usually goes down a lot more too when colleges do it out too, i know mine did, i believe most if not all only count the core subjects mine went from a 3.1 to like a 2. something.
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MY grades were a little below average for most of the schools I applied to(88 avg), but I got into most of them because I have alot of tough courses under my belt, I have after school activities, and I wrote bitchin' essays.

My SAT V/M was 1230.

Not terribly impressive, but solid.

You should do fine...
Wow, over here there are no GPAs. Instead, you just take a VEEEEEEEEEEEERY difficult entry test. I mean, VEEEEEEEEEEERY difficult.
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it's not just GPA, but it's also your SAT or ACT, how much you were involved in school like with sports or band. they also look at your community service stuff too. in the application for my college, they asked me what kind of community service stuff i was/am involved in.

my aunt also knew the former president of the university i go to so he sent in a good word for me lol.

so just from the application alone, i got a merrit that paid for half of the tuition right there. (the merrit was like $11,000 or $12,000 for each year) later on i got some more scholarships so i'm not even paying half of the tuition every year which is nice because the university that i go to is expensive.

try to get involved in stuff and keep your grades up as well. my friend lost a football scholarship during his last semester of his senior year in high school because he screwed around and he thought they wouldn't take it away. they did.

the same can still happen even if they accept you into a college so don't slack off or anything once you get accepted

hope that helped

EDIT: BTW i didn't get a very impressive SAT or ACT score and the college i am in is a really good college, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try hard on your SAT or ACT.
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Quote by Gakusey
Wow, over here there are no GPAs. Instead, you just take a VEEEEEEEEEEEERY difficult entry test. I mean, VEEEEEEEEEEERY difficult.

i heard about something like that.

i have a friend in romania and she said that they have this HUGE final test at the end of high school and it's on like everything you have ever learned
If your going to a state college or university, your GPA isn't going to stop you at 3.0. Your guidance counselors are liars, it's easy to get in most places if you're not an idiot. If you want to go somewhere elite, you're probably out of luck already not having a 4.5 or whatever extra credit bull**** some schools make up.

Just getting in is lame though, you want scholarship money. The big ticket is the ACT or SAT, a three hour test is by far more important than four years of high school grades, sad, stupid, but true. Go take whichever test your colleges require now, see how you can improve, get a guide or a class or whatever, and take it again... and again if it's neccessary.

I had good attendence in highschool and about a 3.5 GPA and played in orchestra... not a huge list of accomplishments, I did well on a three hour test I took once and got a full ride to one of my state universities.

I think it's pretty bull**** that it works that way, but hey I can't complain, it worked for me.