I've seen videos where the guitarist will pluck or strum the strings on the actual neck of the guitar instead of where the soundhole/picks up are.
Why do they do this and what effect does it create?
probably just makes the sound more distant, unless you're somehow talking about tapping but i don't think you are
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the more neckwards you pick, the more bassy sound you can get from the strings, and strings are under less pressure there, so its great for fast picking.

on the other hand, around the bridge, the strings are stiff and as trebly as hell.
ive seen stevie ray vaughan do this. ive done it myself, and it sounds bluesier.
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Maybe they don't do it on purpose or maybe its because if your hands are closer together you can concentrate more

No, it's on purpose. They would play parts around the pickups, and then play a little section way up on the neck.
Yea, there's a lot of different reasons. Frank Zappa played over the frets a lot and developed some very strange and unique techniques because of it.
I do it all the time.

It gives you more of a soft overdrive tone as opposed to a harsh distortion tone.

Only problem with it is that I almost scratched my fretboard with my pick. =(

I suggest you try it.

you should get the same normal tones but more low frequency(bassy) overtones. the opposite when you are close to the bridge. this is because of the tension, and physics but i cant explain all that in here.