I'm looking for an online resource to teach me the basics of understanding:

1) Finger placement for chords
2) Reading tabs
3) Picking
4) Timing

Videos and pictures would be great. Thanks!
http://www.cyberfret.com/index.php - I used this site when I was just starting to play guitar, it has some videos and stuff and is good at explaining the basics, and also the steal this video colum on ultimate guitar has been the best lessons I'v seen so far for video lessons.
www.freelicks.net its free and also ultimate-guitar.com is the best
also i know your asking for online lessons, but i think you might want a real guitar teacher, you would most definitely benefit more from a guitar teacher.
go to youtube and searc for vguitarlessons.com. Those helped me back when I was first starting out and the teacher is this cool british guy with a mohawk.
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