on bass (obviously) not get that sound of your fingers sliding on the strings, I always hear when I do it (and it sounds like I'm always doing it) and you never hear it in the recordings on cds or live concerts so is there a trick to it?
You mean fretbuzz?
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well like if you turn your amp up kinda (or real) loud and slide your fingers up and down the strings without pushing down then you'll hear what I hear. thats what I'm wondering if theres a way to fix, idk if it has a name but it seems to bring down the quality of my songs.
That's the fiction caused by the roundwound strings rubbing against your fingers. To fix it, try lowering your pickups.
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i noticed this aswell, but then i thought it was just my crappy bass playing and me not holding down the string down with enough force. I can't imagine anyone editing out all of the buzz, maybe it's just bad technique. This is just a guess, i do know cause i have the same problem :P.
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Adjust the tone so that the bridge pickup is doing more of the work, it won't pick it up nearly as much as the neck pickup, its less "harsh" and has more of a "thump" to it.
I think I see what your saying. You have to lift off your finger just enough so it doesn't make the sound but not too far that it's inconvenient. It's hard to master. If that's not what you're talking about then point a gun at my head and pull the trigger.
I think you can EQ most of it out
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many things cause that horrid sliding sound. yes, it comes out all the more horrid if your boosting your treble, but really its something that can work itself out in time. it will never stop completely, listen closely in almost any song and you can hear it. well maybe not emo, since they never need to change hand position..........
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Make sure you press down on the string RIGHT at the fret (don't be a guitar player n00b and play anywhere within the fret "box") and press with authority.
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yea no I press hard enough, my problem is only when I move my fingers but thx I'll adjust my pick up's