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im new to effects and i am upgrading all of my gear this year. i know the guitar but i think im going to get a roland cube or something alike (only need upto 20watts).

i play from queen and hendrix to children of bodom and dragonforce aswell as everything inbetween, so i need versitilaty.
looking around this forum it seems that single effects are more expensive than multis, and i just watched the demos off the me50 and gt8 and they both look really good.
if the gt8 is worth the extra £100 then i'll get that above the me50, but if not i'll save my money for other things.

whatever i get im definately getting the digitech whammy pedal coz it rocks socks (although it does cost nearly as much as the me50.lol.)

thanks in advance
personally id go with the me 50 and spend money on your wah and a distortion pedal.

i have a gt-8 and its really just too complicated
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Think about it for a second - do you really think it's a good idea to spend more on a multi Fx than on yor amp? I don't know what sound you're looking for, but you'd be better off getting a better amp, and bear in mid that Multi FX's don't work well with modelling amps anyway. Don't get one for the distortions whatever you do, I've never heard one with useable distortion sounds. Your best bet for a good sound is always to get the best amp you can, if it's a choice between good amp or mediocre amp and FX unit then ditch the FX, you'll get bored with it after 6 months but you'll always need your amp.
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I have a GT-8 and have no complaints, I just don't see why you'd want another whammy pedal if both the GT-8 and ME-50 bring wha wha pedal bend and all those sorts of expression pedal goodies. I can see how the digitech whammy might be better in terms of sound quality or versatility, but the GT-8 can give you any effect within reason.

(BTW - you play dragon force and have never used effects pedals? how long you been playing?)
i perfer single pedals because they r more gig ready. with anything like the me-50 or gt-8(which are very good) u only have the number of effects as the number of pedals on the board at a time...they have many different effects but only a few pedals. singles u can have as many as you want. but thats the way i see it so u decide.
Your amp will have effects, and the distortion on the ME-50 sucks ass!

imo, the rolands dist. has better distortion than the pedals, and I would suggest getting Singles, better quality and more versitile!!
ME-50 really isnt all that special. I had one for about a year, just because I got a great deal on it. The effects on it are all ok...just ok. The exression pedal is all but worthless. Also, effects and modeling amps dont mix well. Multi-effects are like buffet lines....they have a bunch of choices but when you actually sit down, they just arent that great.

Single effects....it isnt going to be cheap but in the end if you want quality your going to have spend some cash. Especially for effects.
Boss GT-8 + Roland KC-150 keyboard amp = amazing projection and versatility as well as great tones. If you get a chance to try this kind of setup out, go for it.

Yes, the GT-8 takes some time to get used to, but if you've got the right mindset, you'll get it. And I've never encountered a situation where single pedals were more versatile than the GT-8 (once again I'll bring this up...can your chorus change it's depth depending on the position of your wah pedal?).

It's a matter of what you want. I've recently purchased a Mesa Roadster, and I'd still use the GT-8 if the Mesa was able to deliver a strong enough signal out through the effects loop to the GT-8. It really is a fantastic unit.
The question is will you really use all those effects? My guess is no....and then maybe when you use 3 or 4 of them, they are just going to be ok. I mean wouldnt you want to have the best of what you use rather than 300 "just ok" effects of which you use 4 of them?
I will agree and disagree with crimson...I don't feel the effects were lacking in the GT-8...they were very usable and I got great tones with the unit. But I will agree with him about the usage...if all you want is distortion or wah, then get those. If you have no intent on using the pitch shifting, vocalizer, or other outworld effects on the unit, then don't bother. But I have to say, I used just about every effect in that box and they all performed well.