I recently got interested in g-synths (due in large part to Amir Derakh and Orgy.) I know a [tiny] bit about it - you need synth piezos or hex pickups rather than standard pickups, and synth controllers, etc... Roland seems to be the standard here. But that's about the extent of my knowledge.

So, I'm looking for an introduction to synth guitar. What guitars are best for Rolands to be put in/mounted on? What kind of cables do I need? What amps are best? Can I get a guitar with a synth system already installed? What separate do I need from the guitar (Cables, Pedals, software? Etc...)

In short, I'm looking for a (preferably in-depth) beginner's guide to g-synth. If you want to elaborate, or know of any sites or resources that would be helpful, please tell!
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