I recently noticed that the fingers on my fret hand are terribly slow, compared to how fast im able to pick. Does anyone know some useful tips, techniques, or things i can practice to increase my finger (movement) speed. It may also be a co-ordination thing, but it feels like my fret hand fingers are just too slow, so any advice would be great
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I had the same problem for many years, in fact I'm still struggling with it. What I've been doing to try to help it is just playing oddball patterns I wouldn't ordinarily use, and gradually ramping up the speed. Moving the muscles in your hand differently from how they are used to being moved will add to the overall dexterity of your hand. Don't overdo it right at first though as you could pull muscles that aren't used to being used, it's just like lifting weights , start light and gradually get heavier. Also try stretching out your hands and arms before you play. And try to work on relaxing when you play instead of tensing up. If you're like me, when you start playing faster your muscles tense up as though you're exerting yourself more. I've noticed when I manage to relax while playing that I am a lot faster. I don't know if an experienced guitar teacher would tell you the same thing or not, I'm just sharing what seems to be working for me.
I would like you to meet Mr. Metronome, you and him are going to have some fun together. Run up and down scales with a metronome and also go up and down the neck. Like this..
Start on the 6th string go up 1,2,3,4...2,3,4,5...3,4,5,6 and so on till 9,10,11,12. Then go down to the 5th string and go down 12,11,10, 9...etc. Do this for every string. Use the metronome note for evertime you move up a fret with your index finger. Sounds confusing but its easy and helpful.
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My guitar teacher helped me with that he calls it spider walking, it goes like this.
and then back up. use the tips of your fingers.
make sure your taking your time and not rushing it, playing fast doesnt matter if its sloppy, i catch myself hammering on notes in between pick strokes if i get carried away, the 1-2-3-4 method up and down the strings across the neck is the best way to do it, and if you can get a metronome or a click track make sure to use it, starting off at what seems to be an uncomfortably slow pace, and then gradually getting faster, dedicate at least 30-45 minutes of it to your practice regime a day.
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time to put the metronome i got at christmas to good use
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Chromatic legato excerises will build you finger strength very fast. Mix it up trilling on each note as you ascend and decend. If you do that kinda stuff everyday to a click ensuring its clean you'll be flying in no time.