i just saw on the ibanez site that the VBT-700 is gunna be limmited production! any ideas why?.. cos i realy wanted one of these and probaly wont have the money in time

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I am actually an authorized dealer for Ibanez and was as disappointed as you are. This is an awesome new guitar for Ibanez. I ordered three of them when they first came out and only have one left.
To cut to the chase though, I have been told by my ibanez rep that there has been some discussion about patents, ect with a couple other large brand guitars, so as for the time being, basically what has already been produced, or has been started to be produced will hit the market, and no new ones will go into produciton.Currently I have been told I cannot order any more, and it doesn't sound like there will be any more available in the near future (although you never know what could happen.) So ultimately I don't think it was solely a decision made by Ibanez, because a hot item like that is never discontinued without reason. Hope this answers your question.
My sources told me that Ibanez are being sued by Dean Guitars due to the similar patent based on their new Dave Mustaine signature model.

Hence, drop production.
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