This was my V-Day comp. entry. I rewrote the fist stanza, as I felt it was terrible. I will probably make more slight adjustments later. C4C.
I'd really like tips on the first stanza. Thanks.


with wings
capped by snow,
faulter in the blizzard
just to plummet
like shooting stars.
Two indents pressed
to pallid cheeks.
Anemic, frail, she
waivers in the breeze,
feints indifference
as snow-bleached

When commitment is a ring,
beauty is tied in a gown.

Like pedals drowned
in the stream
and as a sleeve
caught in the thorns
we will cement wings
and paint ourselves
in the image of birds.
Valiant attempts at escape.
These portraits capture
us in embrace
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Alk hit the nail on the head there.
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Very good.

I know that's a really unconstructive crit, but I just thought it was all brilliant. I can't find any faults. As the last line says, 'perfection'.

I'd like a crit in return (this has destroyed us in my sig) but I'd understand if you didn't because of my fairly short, simple critique =P.
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