Well, I don't see one if there is one, so I was hoping one of you guys could help me out on my delema.

I want to buy a new amp, and don't feel I need some stuff, and want more money towards my amp. I have a crate palomino V16
and a Digitech Jamman Looper

Both are in almost mint condition, no scratches. They are only as old as christmas.

How much do you think I could get in a trade in (since it would be easiest)
How much could I get on Ebay and on UG in the classifieds.
A trade in might be easiest, but you'll get killed that way.

I bought a Palomino V16 in excellent condition used for $250. You might push for $300. In a trade, they'd be looking to give you half that.

Don't know anything about the Digitech, other than you're better off selling that privately, too.

You can look the items up on eBay, to see what they've sold for recently. If you don't mind packing things up to ship, you'll do pretty well there. How's the Craig's List in your area? It's very active by me. It's where I do most of my buying and selling.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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Where you at? cos i'd gladly take a digitech Jamman off your hands... but i'd wanna know your price? That is, if you still got it, cos you posted ages ago.
If the Crate is 399 and the Looper is 299...you might get around $170-$190 out of the Crate and about $120ish out of the looper.

Never trade/sell to a music shop...youll get raped financially...trust me I know lol. Selling privately so you can set your price is the best way to go...