This is extremely good mate! Well done

I'm pretty much into heavy metal, and I have never heard the original of this song, but this really is very good.

The playing is consistent, and I don't know what you used to record the guitar, but it was a very good sound, as was the voice.

Also, even though there were no drums, (or anything else apart from voice and guitar for that matter), the song had a great sense of rythmn. And a very nice solo bit too.

The only problems (which are only very minor by the way), were that it was very quiet. Also, the voice was somtimes a little difficult to make out over the guitar (the dynamics of the vice had a very wide range, perhaps a compressor (or something to that effect) can even it out a bit?, but then I'm definitely no expert!)

On the whole, very good.

Please crit my music (I've actualy got three on here, posted recently, but u only hav to do one if u want) Just go back and there's 'Judas Priest - Electric Eye', 'Judas Priest - One shot at glory' or 'Metallica - Fade to Black solo' I posted them today, so they're fairly high up the list
^Lol, I just recorded it with the default mic on my G3 iMac. Thanks for the advice on equalizing. I'm sorry but I couldn't crit any of yours, because the music player wouldn't work on my comp.
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sounded real good i really like your vocals the guitar could have had a bit more depth in the tone but over all it was sweet ,,,,,,, crit for a crit N.I.B. I recorded all the songs on sonar and played all the guitars and bass and vocals but the drums were done via midi http://www.myspace.com/theterrorxproject

thanxs and keep up the good work !!!!
this sounds great. very cool song, i'm really enjoying the vibe. not familiar with this band but i will be checking more out from them. any recommendations btw? it was very very quiet though, i had my crappy speakers turned up just before the feedback point and it was still hard to hear. the guitar sounds good though, when i record my stuff with strumming it sounds kinda tinny half the time. nothing much more to say really it was done well albeit really quiet.
nice vocals man. playing was technically good. Ive never heard the song before, but i might go check it out now. I like the effect on the voice.

good job man.
^Thanks. I couldn't really make it much louder, because I'm using my built-in mic on my comp. So if I turn the input up a bit more, I get tons of feedback. I am going to get a proper mic someday... I couldn't really recomend any Echo and the Bunnymen, because I only know a couple of their songs myself. I think they brought out a greatest hits recently though. That would probably be a good place to start. Thanks for the crits!

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If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up.
-Hunter S. Thompson