My music class are gonna play 2 songs for a school concert next month, but does anyoner have ideas for songs to play?

We are 8 students in the class, and we are all playing at the same time.

Så which songs can take so many instruments, without totally destroying it?


My sister is doing "Chop Sue" with her whole band. She's playing vibe (cello type instrument)

System of A Down... if you didn't know.
We have:
2-3 guitarists.
2-3 piano.
2-3 vocal

So mix it as you like
that's quite a bit, maybe remix a jethro tull song seeing as you have a flute and clarinet. I'm sure there're a few tull songs with piano in them. however, 2 piano players is already a bit much.
wow I dont know of anything from many bands with that instrumentation. Its going to be tough with 3 pianos. what kind of music are you wanting to play?
yeah, that's way too many pianos... could you get the pianos changed to something else, or do those people only play piano?
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Or your could have the piano on some other instrument, it's not perfect..but it'll do.

Pink Floyd has a hundred people on stage at concerts.
Just let the good times roll.
That was ment as "2-3" can play piano...

Oh and I forgot the the drums... hehe...
But we have a drummer too...

don't worry about the number of pianos...
But it has to be a song, that can take more than one piano, and more than one guitar too...

if u got sany synthisizers there r several who songs w multipal keybord arangments, also mabey live and let die (origional not gnr version), its got a flute and posibly clarinet part, has atleast 1 piano and 2 if not more guitar parts
Figure out a way to do an Andrew WK song... that would kick ass.
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I second the Pink Floyd, put the piano players on synthesizers/keyboards and you get get a bunch of funky stuff going down. Perhaps some <.< >.> SOYCD???
if you worked hard you could probably pull off a good version of Us and Them (Pink Floyd)

did you know the major scale on a piano, starting at whatever note (lets say E). you just go straight up the white keys without hitting a black one. and you got the major scale.